Omeed Gharabagi is a life-long learner of martial arts and is passionate about health, wellness and physical fitness.

Since 2003, Omeed has taught kickboxing, pankration and mixed martial arts in venues not limited to the typical martial arts school.  Places such as public and private elementary and secondary schools, community centres, and corporate settings have benefited greatly from Omeed’s energetic instruction.  

He also currently trains high-level mixed martial arts competitors, while also being an accomplished competitor himself, winning various international pankration, mma and sport grappling tournaments. 

All of Omeed’s experience as a trainer is also coupled with his passion to learn.  Currently, Omeed is a Certified Child/Youth Care Counsellor, BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Indoor Cycling trainer.  He also is a CPR/AED certified first aider.  It is Omeed’s main focus to provide safe and effective differentiated training programs for people of all abilities and skill levels.